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YBPD Pearl Dish

by Yellow Broom



The Pearl Dish, a striking solution to the challenges many of us face with technological boundaries

The Pearl Dish is a handcrafted object in the heart of your home or workspace.

The Pearl Dish is inspired by the story of a girl named Pearl, who wouldn’t put down her phone. Wanting to take a step back from technology, her parents came up with the idea of a designated place to house it during family time. This story resonated with Gillian Scott, founder of Craft Design House, and led her to design The Pearl Dish, a striking solution to the challenges many of us face with technological boundaries.

The Pearl Dish gives us a place to round up, park or put a lid on our technology and creates the space we need to listen and converse, away from its glare and interruption. It is designed to encourage face-to-face interaction as a conduit to conversation and as a talking point in itself.

Craft Design House has commissioned designers and makers across a variety of disciplines to interpret The Pearl Dish in their own materials and style.

Yellow Broom were presented with an exciting opportunity to collaborate with Craft Design house a few months ago. We were invited to respond to a brief to design and create a ‘ technology Park’ with the uniqueness and beauty of ringed pearls.

During the design process, our main focus was upon functionality and aesthetics, we wanted to create something that was inviting something curious that asked you to take a look inside and something that made you enquire of its functionality.

Our design process started with lots of drawings and discussions, we looked at several approaches to construction and materials and how this would work as a functional and hopefully heavily used object. We wanted to create something that carried our DNA as makers but also fitted the brief and ticked all of Craft Design House’s requirements.Quality craftsmanship and materials, simplicity and an attractive functional aesthetic were our main goals for this collaboration and the creation of this Pearl Dish.

After much toing and froing we decided to use Scottish grown sycamore, sycamore is a fast-growing tree that seeds profusely, its lovely winged seeds set in pairs fall like helicopter blades in abundance on the forest floor. It is a joy to work with this pale close-grained pale cream wood, it is a really attractive wood to turn, we are particularly attracted to its glass-like finish in its raw state after the turning process.

Gloss melamine edges the handle of the lid and the base to give it a clean contemporary look, this acts as an introduction of colour to complement the domestic interior or workspace creating a balance and subtle contrast for the wood.

We purposefully created a very tactile, clean form that was simple, a form that responded quietly to our brief of ‘put a lid on it ‘ we wanted to accentuate the harmony that a well-crafted object can bring to a space. Our focus was on an object that creates a sense of calm once the device is covered , we wanted the process of ‘covering ‘ the screen to be an enjoyable tactile experience as it is often a challenge to separate ourselves from the reliance and attachment we have upon technology, not only personally but as a family group.

Dimensions: Base 220mm wide 30mm in height, Lid 220mm wide 50mm in height excluding handle, including handle 110, Overall height 140mm

All Pearl Dishes are made to order by hand and some variation is inevitable. Please allow for the possibility of an addition or reduction of 1-2cm on all dimensions

Lead time: 1 week


Ash, Brass, Chome, Melamine, Sycamore

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Also by Yellow Broom

Yellow Broom

Lighting Designer and Maker

Yellow Broom is a collaboration between Edinburgh Collage of Art graduates David Robson and Clare Waddle. We both studied Sculpture so we suppose you could say our background is in visual art. As the years passed we were both moving more towards the design sector. A joint fascination with the visually attractive, simple yet functional object brought us together to co-design and create a range of wooden lighting.

The highlands provide the ideal place to breathe in the air, observe and realise clarity of mind unpolluted by the speed of the city, here for us the mind becomes a freer place, the perfect choice for a creative. Inspiration comes daily from the simple distractions of the surrounding area . We work through the medium of lighting, we live with light and dark everyday, as artists the chance to explore its endless possibilities through an object of design bring a new and fulfilling creative process to us both.

Yellow Broom has a zero waste approach to making, we try where possible to waste nothing. Most of the wood used to create our lights is sourced locally from sustainable forests in our area. Our off cuts are used to make our signature wooden business cards, this gives a little bit of the product to the recipient which is often recognizable as being from a particular light. It's great to see a person standing under one of our lights with the wooden card in hand and tell them of its journey.

It is our aim that all larger off cuts go towards making one off products as the pile dictates, YB15 is an example of this, this light is mainly a byproduct of YB13.5. The waste wood shavings from the hand turned pendant shades are used as packing for all of our lights. We are currently in the process of exploring the possibilities of converting wood dust into a future product.

Any wood that is unusable through shakes, staining, warping etc helps run our heating system. We heat our workshops, croft and hot water solely from wood. We incorporate sustainability into the design and making process through material choice, choosing our materials responsibly. Our timber supplies are from sustained forestry and local estates while windblown trees give us our main source of hardwood.

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