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Troll Song

by The Old Burrow



Signed and mounted fine art guild registered limited edition giclee print of only 125.

Signed fine art guild registered limited edition giclee print of only 125. Mounted and wrapped.

TROLL SONG She lowered her head politely and muttered her question to the Oracle. “Speak tall,” summoned the Troll. “My ears are fullness of forest moss and insects. You must speak tall.” The words chimed rhythmically as the Troll ambled and swayed, hither and thither around the forest floor. With every slow footfall, the ground shook and the pebbles leapt but as Unn started to speak again the Oracle crouched still and listened through the scuffling of her earwigs. “I wish to know why there is no one place called home for

“I wish to know why there is no one place called home for me.” Unn said with a numbed sadness. “The trees have roots, the birds have nests and the snails have shells but I have none of these things. I miss my home very much , though I have never seen it. I want to go home.” The Troll closed her eyes slowly. She began humming a low and resonant note that rippled through the trees and filled the air with a rich and rounded hush. Rocking back and forth on her feet, the Troll sang her spell-laden song until the air was so thick with stillness, that even Time reverently muffled its footsteps. With a snort and a

With a snort and a spit the spell was broken. The Troll grunted. She prodded her ear with her fingernail and hooked a wriggling creature from within. Holding it before her lips she said with a gravelly sweetness “Measure your mind with muchness and mostness. New prints are at your foot.” Then tipping her head back she dropped a millipede into her mouth and crunched it thoughtfully. “Journey with me and you will find your home.” And with that she twisted her feet in the dirt and swaggered off….

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The Old Burrow


Painting portals to worlds both strange and familiar, my hope is to remind others that the gate to wonder is always open. "Your images are dreamlands of the heart with magic hues and lines precise that bring false truth to light and hold a fairground mirror to reality." John Horn (Poet)

Living in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere I am surrounded by a kind of spacious peace from where creativity naturally springs. The sounds of river-song and bird chatter creep through the windows to join with the crackling of the fire, forming the soundtrack to my days and nights. Accompanied by a bottomless teapot and my faithful four-legged companion, little bits of magic crawl out from a paintbrush describing other lands.

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