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Oval Cube Studs

by Evgeniia Balashova Jewellery



Sterling silver stud earring with an intricate cube detail.

Taking inspiration from the leading theme of my large scale work, this piece references my interest in the cube as a form. The unusual positioning of the cube in the piece references a tension setting traditionally used for setting stones. These earrings continue my exploration of using traditional techniques with an innovative approach.

Sterling Silver

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Also by Evgeniia Balashova Jewellery

Evgeniia Balashova Jewellery

Jewellery Designer

I am a Russian born, Glasgow based jewellery designer and maker. Back in Russia I attended a classical art school, where I was taught strict rules of composition, technical drawing and watercolours.

I first arrived to Scotland at the age of 17 to attend the Glasgow School of Art, where art and design were taught in a completely different way: liberating, free and open-minded. I studied at the GSA for 4 years and graduated in June 2016.

Today I aspire to combine these two very different approaches in my work to create a unique mix of strict rules and geometry combined with organic, free flowing motion of thought.

The focus of my work lays in the exploration of repetition, movement and manipulation of grids in combination with reiteration of geometrical forms. The initial inspiration for my work comes from office spaces and the abundance of repetitive features found within them. Stationary, computer hardware, identical furniture. These all appear in perfect order until human intervention turns them into organised chaos. My work explores this curious relationship through a combination of contrasts.

Through the use of digital technology and traditional hand skills I create a balance between geometric precision and soft flowing curves. I use the cube, a reference to an office cubicle, as a basis for many of my pieces. It acts as a starting point of transformation of a basic shape into a vibrant, energetic object.

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