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Modernist Adjustable Choker Necklace

by Essemgé



A brushed metal adjustable choker necklace on a large velvet ribbon. A striking modernist inspired statement piece that adapts to your outfit.

Adjustable modernist style necklace that will fit any neck size.

Very versatile, it can be worn quite short or a bit longer. Perfect for any outfit.

The weight of the metal will help keep the necklace’s shape. Gently follows the shape of your neck and wraps around it effortlessly.

The fastening creates a lovely detail at the back as you adjust the necklace to the desired length simply by tying the ends of the ribbon into a gorgeous fluffy bow/knot to secure the piece.

stainless steel and velvet

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Steel, Velvet

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Jewellery Designer

Essemgé is an exciting young UK-based jewellery brand set up by Sophie, the designer-maker, that offers innovative versatile mixed-media jewellery. Essemgé stands for 'SMG' Sophie's initials with a French twist in reference to her origins.

Keen drawer and watercolour painter, I have always been interested in anything artistic and creative that is both fulfilling yet challenges the senses. Designing and making beautifully finished interesting jewellery is for me the perfect example of taking an idea and turning it into an actual wearable piece. I discovered silversmithing after moving to the UK and that is when I decided to set up Essemgé. The journey from the first drawing to the last finishing touch is exciting every time as it is unique to the design of a particular piece. It takes me through a whole spectrum of emotions. It can in turn be immensely fun and playful or hugely frustrating and challenging. I am sure most makers will have experienced the same ! But what better compliment than seeing my designs being worn, loved and cared for. That is what it is all about.

Trend-setting yet elegant, soft and lightweight yet powerful, tactile, Essemgé jewellery has been designed to make you feel at your best, confident, radiant, upbeat, and ready to take on the world.

I am passionate about offering high quality distinctive pieces of jewellery that will inspire you to express your creativity and feel empowered. The collection 'Create Your Style', in particular, gives you the freedom to play and make your very own pieces by experimenting to fit your taste /mood/occasion and build your signature look.

Forget Fashion, Embrace Style!

When I moved to the UK I took it as a personal challenge. I wanted to experience its culture and traditions, as well as improve on my language skills!

Since then I have been greatly inspired by London's urban environment and architecture. The variety and mix of designs create a unique combination of traditional buildings and modern creations. With their ground-breaking silhouettes and innovative materials, the latter challenge the senses and push the boundaries both in terms of aesthetics and of building construction techniques. This idea of innovation and experimentation in forms, materials and techniques in order to create artworks that better reflected modern society very much appeals to me. It was the essence of the modernist movement. Some call 21st century modernism "new modernism" or "altermodernism" but I believe its philosophy is totally relevant in today's world. That's what I try to convey through my jewellery designs.

Heavily influenced by London’s urban environment and architecture, the style is bold and edgy with a fresh take on traditional shapes. Repurposing industrial materials and mixing them with precious metal, Sophie creates eye-catching covetable pieces. Playing on colours, textures and volumes yet keeping lines simple makes Essemgé jewellery highly attractive to both women and men who choose style over fashion.

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