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Large Stone Pearl Dish

by David Mola



The Pearl Dish evokes ideas of the deep sea, of shellfish hiding treasures within…

The Pearl Dish is a handcrafted object in the heart of your home or workspace.

The Pearl Dish is inspired by the story of a girl named Pearl, who wouldn’t put down her phone. Wanting to take a step back from technology, her parents came up with the idea of a designated place to house it during family time. This story resonated with Gillian Scott, founder of Craft Design House, and led her to design The Pearl Dish, a striking solution to the challenges many of us face with technological boundaries.

The Pearl Dish gives us a place to round up, park or put a lid on our technology and creates the space we need to listen and converse, away from its glare and interruption. It is designed to encourage face-to-face interaction as a conduit to conversation and as a talking point in itself.

Craft Design House has commissioned designers and makers across a variety of disciplines to interpret The Pearl Dish in their own materials and style. This Pearl Dish has been designed and created by David Mola, an Edinburgh-based glass artist who works with both stained and slumped glass, as well as experimenting with incorporating other materials into his works.

David’s designs attempt to reflect nature and fit seamlessly into their environments, and he also operates on a zero-waste basis, recycling excess glass wherever possible.

‘For me, The Pearl Dish evokes ideas of the deep sea, of shellfish hiding treasures within…On the one hand, rocks, barnacles and mussels, pearls and oysters. On the other hand, mirroring that image, the circular shape of the moon, responsible for the tides and the unremitting movement of water.

About the technical process: The basic Pearl Dish is first cut flat from a piece of 4mm float glass. The edges have to be polished and sanded. It is then painted by hand with glass paint.

The Pearl Dish is then fired in the kiln at 650 degrees.

Later it will return back to the kiln, but this time it is set into a steel mould to be heated to 710 degrees when it will soften until it gets the desired shape.

Once it has cooled down to room temperature it can be drilled, sanded or engraved to set it up for the handle.

Handles are created by slicing a stone in half and bonding it together with the pearl dish in between.

Dimensions 34cm diameter x 6.5cm high

All Pearl Dishes are made to order by hand and some variation is inevitable. Please allow for the possibility of an addition or reduction of 1-2cm on all dimensions. If you would like a specific minimum or maximum size within this range please let us know in the comments box and check out.

Lead time 1-2 weeks


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Also by David Mola

David Mola

Glass Designer

Edinburgh-based David Mola is a versatile glass artist who has worked for many years with both stained and bespoke kiln-glass.

Every piece that he makes is designed and made solely by him, they are each handcrafted and unique. As much as possible David recycles leftover glass, wasting as little as possible, and also enjoys experimenting with other materials and disciplines that he can bring in for contrast with the glass in his works.

Current projects include incorporating cement, rocks, stray branches and lighting into his creations. Much of David's inspiration is derived from nature and distilled into simple structures and striking designs, and the works he creates are often intended to reintegrate with natural surroundings, at once harmonious and unexpected, never jarring.

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