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Warped Textiles

Textile Designer

Warped Textiles was established in 2014 by Chantal Allen, an award winning Scottish Textile Designer and graduate from the renowned Glasgow School of Art. As well as working as a member of the Fashion and Textiles technical team at GSA for the past fourteen years, Chantal has been involved in various different projects, awards and achievements. In 2013 she was awarded as a finalist in the Selected Maker award for Textiles category, Crafts Magazine; 2011 saw Chantal win the Honda’s ‘Made in Britain’ competition, as well as receiving a scholarship from The Trades House of Glasgow - Incorporation of Weavers.

My brand Warped Textiles aims to attract customers who are like minded and desire a crafted product rather than mass-produced items. My products' provenance is highly important, as is the passion for both British design and craftsmanship. Creating sophisticated and heirloom quality textiles that are suitable for both traditional and modern settings.

Having been drawn to weaving after work experience as a teenager it was clear that textile design was the path that I wanted to follow. The precision, patience and commitment required to create a piece of cloth from a few cones of yarn was fascinating and soon became addictive.

The foundations of my work begin with the use of photography and hand drawing. Designs are then developed with weave-specific software and my computerised loom. This permits more sophisticated patterns and structures to be produced which are not possible on more traditional looms. The weaving software directs the computer loom, determining which shafts can be lifted based on the instructions it finds in the weaving draft file it has open. This means that mistakes can be easily remedied and sampling different patterns and yarn combinations is quicker, easier and more fluent.

Specializing in luxurious woven home-ware accessories I sample my collection in house, developing them on hand and computer looms as well as working with local mills to produce small unique batches of fabric.


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