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Vicky Swales Woven Textiles

Textile Designer and Weaver

I am a Woven Textile Designer based in the Scottish Borders with the philosophy to weave luxury, beautifully finished, one off textiles that last a lifetime.

My current work is influenced by photography of decaying architectural details and tiles. Since graduating from Heriot Watt in 2013, I have established my own studio and launched my first handwoven collection of scarves.

I like the contrast of using an ancient method that has not changed a lot over hundreds of years to produce contemporary design.

Since childhood I have been interested in old buildings and derelict buildings. I take photographs of patterns I finds interesting such as tiled doorsteps, decorative tiling and patterns around a window or door. I then develop the photographs into motifs for weaving. I am also inspired by travelling, one of my current designs is influenced by a decorative fireplace I found in an abandoned shepherds’ cottage in the wilds of North Umberland.

I mainly work with rich, jewel toned colours. My colour palette is influenced by my surroundings and moodboards of found images. I am really inspired by the architecture and rich colour of Havana in Cuba and my moodboards and colour combinations reflect this.


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