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Pea Cooper Millinery

Pea Cooper Millinery


I studied Millinery at Kensington & Chelsea College, London where I was taught all aspects of Millinery from theatrical to high fashion and block making to illustration. After graduating in 2006 I moved to Melbourne and became assistant to Richard Nylon, Australia's most famous milliner. After returning to Scotland I set up my own business designing and making hats for both the bespoke and commercial markets.

My work is made using Traditional Craft and I love sharing my skills by running workshops in schools and museums throughout Scotland in a bid to keep the art of millinery alive and to inspire young people to get involved in the Creative Industries.

I am inspired by lots of things from architecture to nature. I seem to get a lot of inspiration from people and have made collections based on David Attenborough, Audrey Hepburn and Celia Birtwell to name a few!

Personally I am obsessed by the 1960's which is quite ironic given that was the decade that killed millinery due to the introduction of certain hairstyles like the beehive and five point bob. From a millinery point of view my favourite styles are from the Victorian period with the Jazz Age style from the 1920's a close second!

As well as running my own brand I frequently collaborate with other companies like Harris Tweed and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I have had many exhibitions of my work throughout the UK and my work has been used by British, Turkish, Russian and Spanish Vogue.


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