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Namon Gaston

Furniture Designer

Namon has been designing and making furniture from his Edinburgh based Studio since 2005. His career has merged both disciplines of design and craftsmanship. From his apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker in rural Scotland, to working with noted international furniture manufacturers. He produces a diverse range of work, designing for commercial production alongside the bespoke manufacture of private commissions. His award winning furniture has become synonymous with its high quality, honest design and rich understanding for the materials with which he works.

Namon graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2001 with a First Class Honours Degree in Furniture Design. He then sought experience working alongside leading design houses in London where he tuned his abilities in a professional design environment. Building on this knowledge, Namon continued his development as an apprentice cabinetmaker in rural Scotland, honouring the traditional craftsmanship to which he is rooted.


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