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Laura Lightbody

Ceramic Designer

I am a graduate of Glasgow School of Art and have previously exhibited my ceramic work alongside 2D collage work, highlighting my practice of appropriation and montage. The pieces I produce bring together elements from my large-scale compositions using patterns and motifs from the everyday, with my ceramic forms. I create cast pieces with surface decoration that demonstrate my eye for finding beauty in the mundane. Working in my studio, exhibiting my work, teaching Art & Design alongside family life, keeps me inspired and allows me to be creative in many ways.

For me, inspiration comes from graphics and patterns found in the everyday. Items like envelopes, signage and packaging are the types of ephemera that I am particularly drawn to. Taking something that is seen as throwaway, such as an envelope and using it as inspiration for my ceramics, allows me to change the temporary to permanent. I love producing ceramics. I enjoy being able to create an item that people can not only take pleasure from looking at, but that can also use. I am inspired from presenting what may be overlooked in a new way, focusing on narrative, commentary, aesthetic qualities and graphic language; I enjoy committing the temporary to the permanence of ceramics.


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