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Karen Westland

Jewellery Designer

'Karen Westland studied Silversmithing and Jewellery Design at The Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 2015. Since then, Karen has been on an 11-month residential course at Bishopsland, in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside, developing her skills further. Karen is currently working from her studio in Glasgow. 'During my time at GSA I became more aware of how we all battle our surroundings: time, nature, technology and other people, which is a great fascination and inspiration of mine. I enjoy trying to create work with abstract ideas that others can enjoy and relate to on an aesthetic and conceptual level. Each work tends to have an individual idea which contributes to the overall narrative behind my body of work.'

Karen Westland is a silversmith and jeweller who works with recycled precious metals, and other responsibly sourced materials. Karen continually improves her social responsibility, to ensure the standard of her working practice is always growing in a positive way. Throughout her studies Karen has always been drawn to social and environmental issues. The relationship we have with the universe, questions of time and our existence are underlying subjects of her work. Karen works hard to ensure that her designs are not compromised by the limitations of sourcing responsible materials and processes, but instead are beautiful, innovative designs that break the mould of our idea of ‘ethical’ jewellery and objects.


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