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Joe MacKechnie


I am currently finishing my Product Design Engineering degree at Glasgow School of Art, where I discovered my love of concrete. I use advanced manufacturing process combined with ancient techniques to create the molds in which the concrete takes its form. My studies have allowed me to prototype rapidly and strive to create unique and individual pieces which people may never have seen before.

Previous work in the world of high end bathrooms has given me a keen eye for detail and pushing process to give maximum results. I would like to think my products convey a sense of luxury and hope that they can find a position of pride in a person's home.

The contrast in texture and form is the main focus of my work. I enjoy playing with smooth surfaces which casting can produce and combining this contrast with one of colour to reflect a theme of space.

The first product 'Luna' is a perfect example of this, taking inspiration from the volcanic surface of the lunar surface and contrasting this with intense colour changes within the centre of the bowl, as if glimpsing inside a nebula.


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