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Jacqueline Bell


Edinburgh-based Jacqueline trained as a goldsmith in Italy, studying industrial jewellery design at I'Istituto di Formazione Professionale in Florence and technique at Le Arti Orage jewellery academy. She designed and made bespoke pieces for clients of Florentine goldsmiths Giancarlo Panti and Giudo Pucci and has been working independently for over 20 years.

As well as creating bespoke pieces, she produces one new limited collection each year, entirely handcrafted from recycled precious metals to reduce the environmental impact of her work.

Jacqueline likes to take those traditional design techniques she learned in her formative years and add a contemporary twist. The end result is classic, elegant jewellery people love to wear.

A believer in letting the metal take the lead, she often starts making without knowing how a piece will develop so her work is constantly evolving through research and experimentation.

'In my work I use skills and techniques that have been passed down from maker to maker over centuries. I really love playing my part in continuing to share this knowledge by tutoring in jewellery making.'


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