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Isobel Higley Ceramics


I am a recent graduate from BA (Hons) Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University, Cornwall where I specialised in ceramics. I am currently based in North Devon, UK where my studio takes the form of an upcycled rustic shed in a rich woodland setting.

As a ceramic artist I use environmentally sustainable processes to create my work wherever possible, allowing me to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

These small scale sculptures are made with the intention of being held and to evoke positivity in their surroundings.

“Within my work I am constantly exploring new methods of surface decoration in order to make my work tactile and inviting. I encourage people to touch and feel my work.”

In her free time Isobel illustrates from cartoons, films and anime. The combination of relaxation, humour and fantasy found in these shows are influential within her practice.


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