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Imogen Davis Glass

Glass Designer

'I have always been interested in working with my hands. Through trying a number of different disciplines my passion for glassblowing soon became apparent. The process immediately drew me in. Working with the molten form quickly to capture my inspiration demands concentration and a high skill level. I thrive on the continuous development of the skills required and pushing myself to try new techniques. The use of colour is important to my practice, and I exploit the unreliability of some coloured glass to gain further depths in my work.

As a glass practitioner, specialising in glass blowing, I am interested in translating themes and ideas through the use of hot glass. Specifically drawing inspiration from the world around me, I create a variety of tactile blown forms which relate to the source of inspiration through the use of colour combinations and techniques of applying colour. Being an enthusiastic practitioner allows me to take risks and be adventurous through ‘play’ of hot glass; testing its abilities and producing purchasable forms as series of collections. I thrive in collaborative working situations and I thoroughly enjoy working with the public.


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