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Digby Morrow

Bespoke Boxmaker

Digby designs and makes fine decorative hardwood boxes in his workshop on the outskirts of Linlithgow, near Edinburgh, Scotland.

He works to very fine tolerances with a special interest in fine inlays and distinctive hand-rubbed finishes. He is entirely self-taught and set up his box-making business in 2007.

Digby works mainly to private commission but enjoys making personal pieces for exhibition and/or sale. He is stimulated by the process of developing bespoke designs which emerge from the interaction with his clients. He is fascinated to learn about their lives and the very special reasons that lie behind the commission request. Digby believes strongly that this contributes to a superior result.

Prior to 2007 Digby pursued an international business career which entailed extensive travel and several years of family life abroad in the USA, Singapore and France.

Digby graduated Law at Glasgow University then qualified as Chartered Accountant and embarked on a business career that spanned some thirty years. In 2004 as a keen sailor he took the opportunity to sail across the Atlantic on a 68ft sloop as watch leader and navigator using celestial navigation techniques. On his return from the voyage Digby converted a barn as a home and workshop and in 2007 started making boxes in earnest.

The intellectual rigour of mathematics has always featured in Digby’s interests – academic disciplines, celestial navigation and now in his approach to fine box-making. In his design and making activities it has led him to seek continuous improvement in processes and tooling as well as personal skill development. Digby uses traditional tools and contemporary state of the art tooling blending them on a pragmatic basis.

Digby makes a wide range of boxes including jewellery, memory, special occasion, keepsake, cigar humidors. Inlay designs have no real limit and inspiration often comes from the sea or nature. And Digby gets a thrill from the use of all types of wonderful woods and related box-making materials, ensuring each is of the highest quality.


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