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Creative Ceramics


I do what I do because it has long been my main source of therapy. The creative process is a journey where, in the beginning, the outcome is not important. As I repeat the process I see recurring shapes, patterns and images. Over the years I have produced work which reminds me of previous pieces I have made years before.

I have encouraged many groups and individuals to experience the therapeutic benefits of working with clay i.e. of all ages and abilities, and have continued to do this in my studio over the last 14 years and can honestly say the benefits are visible.

One example is a young man with autism(non verbal), whose parents brought him to my studio from Dundee. He is a highly agitated young man who spent 2 hours on the wheel. His parents were in awe as they said he wouldn't even sit at a table long enough to eat a meal! His Mother fed back that he was calm on the drive home and slept all night...a rare occurrence.

I usually have a rough idea of what I want to make though sometimes this changes and I embrace the change and 'happy accidents'.

I have a few ranges of work - repeat pattern decoration on functional pieces - mostly black and white, functional pieces using oxides on the outer side for a better grip as well as earthy decoration and more sculptural wall pieces either to hold candles or not.

I am working on creating interesting shadows with large and small pieces and light either with candles or electricity. I visualise these as a pieces of art in the day and a light features at night.

I am inspired by nature, ancient cultures and their mark making and design, architecture and faces.


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