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Caroline Finlay


Fife-based Caroline is a graduate of Grey's School of Art in Aberdeen in the north of Scotland and has exhibited throughout the UK and in the Netherlands. She taught for many years until hanging up her lecturer's hat in 2013 to concentrate solely on her jewellery work.

She works mainly in silver with enamel, using traditional silversmithing and jewellery craft skills. A few years ago she began experimenting with vitreous enamel, enjoying its spontaneity in comparison with the confines of working with traditional enamelling techniques.

As well as creating her new range of enamel pieces, Caroline likes exploring methods of mark making on metal and different surface finishes

'I love the whole process: gathering inspiration through photos and sketches, developing at the bench, evolving at each stage. The techniques I use mean every piece is individual and I'm happy to let a piece develop in the making process, letting the natural characteristics of different techniques interact to create a more unusual form or texture.'

A nature aficionado, Caroline takes inspiration from her surroundings, particularly the textures, colours and patterns of the sea and coastline, and is intrigued by the symbiotic relationship of plants, creatures, the tide, seasons and life cycles. All of which feed into the creation of her contemporary and tactile jewellery, boxes and vessels.


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