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Annette Baumann - LICHTid

Textile Designer and Lighting Creator

Lighting designer Annette Baumann of LICHT id studied Interior Architecture at the Fachhochschule in Coburg before leaving Germany for Scotland and heading to Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in Dundee to do a degree in Interior & Environmental Design.

Inspired by her experiences as a member of the international design team working on the new Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh, Annette decided to specialise in lighting design. Annette went on to hone her skills in the studios of several lighting design consultancies, on a creative journey which took her as far afield as Australia.

In 2014 she started to create elegant handcrafted lighting with a twist.

”I strongly believe that good lighting is what brings a space to life. It can give a space another dimension and add a sense of magic. That magic is what I try to capture in my creations. Whilst my lampshades are beautiful objects during the day, they take on another meaning at night and will totally transform to reveal their hidden secret once lit. An otherwise invisible graphic will appear when the light is switched on and disappear again, as if by magic, once the light is switched off.”


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