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1. How does Craft Design House work?

Craft Design House is a curated online global Sales Showcase that connects talented, independent designer makers, their work and events or workshops with customers all over the world.

Each designer maker who joins our community gets their own ‘Sales Showcase’ on our website where they can share your story and display pieces for purchase worldwide. We also use video and The Craft Design House Journal to Showcase you and your work.


2. Where do Craft Design House​ customers come from?

Our aim is to offer our designer makers a genuinely global marketplace with customers from around the world.  We engage with audiences through our Craft Design House Journal featuing events, designer maker profiles, disciplines and working with influencial trend-setters to create a one-stop arena that customers will be drawn to through social media channels, enews and offline via promotions and articles featured in publications.


3. How do I get started as a designer maker on Craft Design House?

Craft Design House curates and approves all sellers before they are able to sell. First you need to submit a completed Designer Maker Application Form along with either a website URL or images showing your work. Once you’re approved, you can log in to your account and set up your own Sales Showcase.

Before you can start selling, you need to set up your profile:

  • Include the name for your business and an images to represent your work.
  • Write your story – how did you get here?
  • Describe your store policies
  • Create a minimum of 8 different product listings
  • Provide us with a PayPal email address we can integrate into our shop, to allow direct transfer of the proceeds from your sales.

When your profile is complete, you have access to your full designer maker dashboard.


4. Do I have to sign any contracts?

No formal contracts to sign but, as with most websites, you need to agree to our Terms of Use and Designer Maker Seller Agreements.


5. How does my Craft Design House online Sales Showcase work?

You should find your Craft Design House Sales Showcase intuitive and easy to use. We set up your business and first items to sell and then you log in to create further product listings, write descriptions, stories and upload photos and videos. You can manage all your sales from your Craft Design House Sales Showcase, and find out useful information such as which pieces are most popular, how many people love them and who your buyers are.


6. Why do I have to complete my profile before listing an item?

Our customers are buying directly from you. They’re not just looking for a unique piece; they want to know about the person behind that piece. So discovering more about you, the designer or craft maker, is a very important part of their shopping experience. That’s why we review each profile before it’s launched, to make sure their experience is as rich as we can make it.


7. How do I list items for sale?

  • Go to the Product section of your dashboard and click ‘Add a Product’ in the left-hand menu. You’re then guided through a 1-page form to list your piece. 
  • Make sure you show at least 2 photos per piece: one on a clean white background and one of the pieces worn or set in situ in order to clearly display size and proportions. The more high quality images you provide, the more opportunity your brand will have to be featured. (Please see our Photography & Video section for more information.) 
  • Make sure you tag your piece so it is searchable by all the relevant filters i.e. gemstone, colours, materials and so on. This helps customers find what they want faster. Our support team is on hand to help you navigate your shop and become familiar with the services. 
  • If you’re mid-entry and decide you need more time to create a full listing, you can save it as a draft at any time. Otherwise simply click ‘List’ and you’re done. The listing then goes in a queue to be reviewed and approved by our moderators before going live. 


8. Can I present my Sales Showcase the way I want?

Yes, mostly, though there are a few guidelines we recommend you follow. We want you to share your stories and inspirations in the most genuine way possible. Once you upload and list items in your shop, we can then help enhance your written content and SEO (search engine optimisation) to ensure you’re seen by the widest possible audience.

We strongly encourage you to make your brand identity as prominent as possible. You can upload as many items as you want – our sourcing and merchandising team are on hand to help with this. And if you choose to use your Craft Design House page as your own online store, it doesn’t impact your pricing.

To ensure our customers have a great experience, we ask you to respect the guidelines for photos, shipping and customer service, as laid out in our Designer Maker Charter. If you’re unsure about anything, please ask for the guidelines.


9. I’d like to change the name of my Sales Showcase – can I?

You can only change the name under particular circumstances, for example if you update or re-brand your business. Please get in touch with our support team for details, they’ll be happy to help.


10. What currencies does Craft Design House​ deal in?

Craft Design House handles transactions in UK pounds sterling, Euros, US Dollars and Australian Dollars. We offer a conversion table so buyers can see what the charge would be in their own currency.


11. What happens when I get an order?

  • When a buyer places an order, you receive and online order from orders@craftdesignhouse.com.
  • An order confirmation email is generated immediately, listing the purchased item(s), buyer's name and delivery address.
  • You package the item and post it according to your postage terms and conditions.
  • Your send the buyer your item and enable the dropdown confirming you have despatched the item.
  • An email confirming despatch is automatically forwarded to the customer.


12. How is shipping handled?

Each designer maker is responsible for the packaging and postage of his/her pieces. We provide guidelines and recommendations for packaging, timeframes, postage and insurance. For more details, please get in touch.


13. How do Returns and Refunds work?

As one of our designer makers, you set your own guidelines for these. However, we do require that all designers offer a full refund if the customer requests one within thirty (30) days of receipt of the piece and returns the piece to you at his or her own cost.

Please see the Terms & Conditions for Refunds within the Charter


14. Does Craft Design House charge a commission and when do I get paid?

We charge a commission on each piece of work sold  which covers both VAT and PayPal costs. We provide advice on RRP (recommeded retail price) for work if required. Our commission is automatically deducted before payment is made around 10 days after item has been sold. You require a PayPal account and email address so you can receive payment directly.


14. What marketing do you do to promote Craft Design House?

We use many forms of online marketing including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), multiple social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube and more) and email marketing.

We run product-listing ads and are continuing to build a wide network of industry-specific affiliates to help promote your products. We are also very active offline with promotions and PR.


15. Is there anything I can do about negative feedback?

Your first reaction should be to contact the customer and find out the reason for their dissatisfaction. You may be able to mutually agree to amend or delete the feedback – our support team can help with this. Please get in touch if you think the feedback is offensive or could be in breach of Craft Design House terms and conditions.