Designer Maker Charter & Terms

Designer Maker Charter

We’ve created this charter for the benefit of both our customers and our partner designer makers. Here’s why:

  • To offer high-quality products and customer service.
  • To feature your work in the best possible light, in the company of accomplished peers.
  • To inspire customers to buy and grow our international audience.

The requirements and recommendations listed below are based on feedback from our Founding Partners and data we gathered on encouraging sales and improving customer experience.

Required: these points must be followed for you to be included on Craft Design House.

Recommended: not essential to your inclusion on Craft Design House, but useful suggestions to help you maximise your sales potential.

Once your copy and images are uploaded Craft Design House will review and edit the copy and enable the data.



  • You should provide original pieces you have personally designed and made with the best quality materials available (working with apprentices and collaborating with designers accepted).
  • You may not upload pieces made by other designers or brands.
  • You must accurately describe each piece without misrepresentation: include size, materials involved, techniques used and any other relevant details.
  • You must upload a minimum of 5 pieces to provide sufficient variety.
  • You must also include some accessible pieces with a lower price point as part of your product range.


  • If available, include the Craft Design House MADE BY, DESIGNED BY, CREATED BY brochure in all orders. As a part of our designer maker membership, we provide small brochures showcasing the provenance and authenticity of the work, the inspiration and story of the person behind the design. This includes a MADE BY, DESIGNED BY or CREATED BY signature from the designer makers, endorsing the piece of work.

Excellent photography, journalistic-style videos, and interviews play a key role in how the wider consumer perceives you and your work, so their presence (or absence) can influence sales.

The more relevant images you display, the higher sales rate you’re likely to achieve. Customers want to gain a sense of trust when they look at your work, so help to build this by describing and representing it as clearly as possible. Details and proportions are very important, especially when customers can’t touch or try on your pieces.

If you want to provide a larger resolution image than those highlighted below, feel free to send them via WeTransfer to and we can resize these.


  • Please upload a minimum of two pictures per piece.
  • Product images should be 668px x 668px square
  • All pictures should be properly cropped and bear no watermarks of any kind.
  • Image selections for all products should include at least one ‘lifestyle’ shot of the piece to give a sense of size and proportion, by showing it in an appropriate setting, in use or worn on the body (as appropriate).


  • We recommend you upload two additional pictures of each piece. For example, one providing an alternative view or close-up.


  • Craft Design House offer photography and video services which Designer Makers can buy into as a group and reduce costs. Please contact us at for further details.

Craft Design House will soon be offering unique packaging for shipping craft, design, and art through our CDH Packaging range. Securing the work of designer makers is at the core of our packaging range. CDH Packaging focuses on the diversity of work produced by designer makers and their potentially fragile and unconventionally shaped objects and designs. We provide designer makers with cost-effective and easy access to unique, environmentally friendly packaging, which can be posted out to designer makers in varying sizes and numbers via the normal postal network. Our packaging can also be reused for further sales or return items.


  • You should ship all pieces in attractive, sturdy and durable gift packaging, using padding or bubble wrap to protect delicate pieces from damage during transit.
  • If available, please include a designer maker brochure provided by Craft Design House.


  • We recommend you include a personal hand-written note thanking the customer for their purchase. This warm gesture makes a huge difference to the customer’s experience and could well boost your chance of repeat sales.


  • On working days, please respond to website customer queries in a professional and friendly manner within 24 hours. If you are unable to man your account, please find someone else to stand in until you return.
  • You should not encourage the customer to purchase away from the Craft Design House platform or to offer discount prices to purchase from your own online shop.
  • Once you have despatched a piece, mark it as ‘Despatched’ on your Craft Design House dashboard in order to notify your client it is on its way.


  • Even though Craft Design House generates an auto-email to inform the customer once you’ve marked a piece as ‘despatched’, we recommend you send a personal message to confirm the order has been received and shipped. This personal communication is one of the reasons customers like to shop with Craft Design House.


  • Please arrange postage within two working days (48 hours) of an order being placed, unless the item is specifically marked ‘made-to-order’ or ‘commission’ and the customer is aware that the designer needs more time to fulfil the order.


  • You must provide customers with a full refund (excluding return shipping cost) should the customer request one within 30 working days of receipt. The refund should be processed only once you have received the piece back in satisfactory condition.


  • If a piece has been lost or damaged in transit, we encourage you to provide the customer with an identical replacement free of charge. We believe good customer service always generates positive word of mouth and encourages repeat custom.
  • If both parties have agreed on the return within 30 working days of receipt and the original piece has been received back, we suggest you allow customers to exchange the product for another piece of identical value.

Designer Maker Terms & Conditions

  1. The designer makers website prices must be fully inclusive of all taxes and additional charges. The only exception to this is postage and packing, which, if such charges apply in accordance with the Craft Design House Charter regarding Delivery and Returns Terms, the Designer Maker will show separately.
  2. If the Designer Maker is VAT registered, they should set the VAT rate at the level, which is currently in force in the UK with respect to the Designer Maker’s Products.
  3. The Designer Maker is solely responsible for ensuring that it fully complies with current VAT regulations and accounting for VAT correctly.
  4. Craft Design House provides the Designer Maker with RRP (Recommended Retail Prices) but the Designer Maker has complete discretion over how they wish to price their products and work.
  1. The Designer Maker will upload their company bio and story for the Craft Design House team to set up their Sales Showcase.
  2. The Designer Makers will then add their Product range and images as per the Craft Design House Charter, working collaboratively with the Craft Design House team to set the Designer Maker’s Sales Showcase live on the Craft Design House website within one month of the Designer Maker paying the membership fee.
  3. Craft Design House positions itself as a “commercial agent” between Designer Maker and buyer.
  1. Any requests (whether by phone, e-mail or letter) for refunds or returns for any Products provided by the Designer Maker to a customer will be dealt with directly between the Designer Maker and the relevant customer.
  2. Following receipt of a request for a refund or return by a customer, the Designer Maker will initiate the refund directly in accordance with the Craft Design House Designer Maker Returns and Refunds Procedures, as displayed on the Craft Design House Website.
  3. The Craft Design House commission fee paid in respect of the refunded Products will be returned to the Designer Maker minus a Refund Fee of 6%, which is not refundable under any circumstances.
  4. For legal reasons, the Designer Maker must only process refunds through their PayPal account. The Designer Maker will not issue refunds by cheque or other means.
  5. The Designer Maker will ensure that returns and refunds to the customer will be processed in accordance with the following terms and conditions:
  6. By law, the customer may not cancel, return or obtain a refund in relation to Products that are non-refundable. These are customised or commissioned Products that are specifically made to a customer’s specification unless the Product is faulty or damaged.
  7. The designer maker will provide customers with a 30 day period from the receipt of a cancellable Product in which customers can cancel their order and return the Product to the designer maker and obtain a full refund, including delivery charges.
  8. If the Customer requests a refund for a Cancellable Product then such refund shall be processed by the Designer Maker as soon as possible and in any case no later than 14 days after the day the returned product is received by the Designer Maker; or
  9. If a Customer rejects a Product because it is faulty or damaged, the Designer Maker will follow the relevant provisions of the ‘Returns & Refunds Policy’ held on the Craft Design House website, as may be updated from time to time.
  10. The Designer Maker shall provide an address in the United Kingdom to which a Customer may return a Cancellable Product;
  11. A Refund Fee will be charged to the Designer Maker by Craft Design House for any item returned and refunded in accordance with this policy. The Refund Fee is not refundable;
  12. Craft Design House may process a refund for a Product as the Designer Maker’s payment agent to a Customer where:

i. The Designer Maker asks Craft Design House to process such refund to a Customer from funds of the Designer Maker held by Craft Design House, or upon payment of such refund amounts to Craft Design House by the Designer Maker (including the applicable Refund Fee), or

ii. In Craft Design House’s opinion, a Designer Maker has not acted in accordance with the Returns & Refunds Procedures or the Conditions, in which case Craft Design House shall be reimbursed from funds of the Design Maker held by Craft Design House or the Designer Maker shall be obliged to reimburse Craft Design House for such refund (including the applicable Refund Fee).

  1. Craft Design House will pay the Designer Maker for the relevant transaction less the Single Commission Fee weekly, 15-21 days in arrears following acceptance of an order by the Designer Maker through the Craft Design House website.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed by Craft Design House and the Designer Maker, any payments made by Craft Design House to the Designer Maker will be via their PayPal account and in the domestic currency of the region where the Designer Maker’s bank account nominated to receive such payments is held and which may also be subject to the Currency Conversion Fee.
  3. From time to time Craft Design House may retain a portion of the payment due to the Designer Maker in order to provide for refunds due or expected to be due to a Customer in the ensuing period. Each such retention will be held for no longer than eight weeks before being repaid to the Designer Maker.