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What is a private commission?

Commissioning a bespoke piece of creative work is a hugely exciting, satisfying and, yes, emotional process. You create a one off piece of work directly with the designer or craft maker and can be involved in the design process.
  • An item of furniture to complement your space.
  • A set of hand-blown glasses for a close friend's wedding.

Why consider a commision?

Expressing your creativity through one of our designer makers means you become part of the story. Whoever wears, views or enjoys the end result will treasure it for that very reason.
  • Create a memorable piece for yourself or as a gift for someone special.
  • A stunning piece of jewellery to mark a special occasion.

How to commission a piece of work?

Feared it might be too complicated and expensive? The good news - it doesn't have to be either.

To assist you with this process we offer a Design Consultancy Service where we will help you find the perfect designer to create a beautifully made one-off that makes you beam with delight every time you look at it.

Send your brief to commissions@craftdesignhouse.com

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Passionate Makers
We roam far and wide to find professional designer makers who value creativity, traditional techniques and craftsmanship of the highest quality.
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