We love welcoming new members into the Craft Design House partnership and require that each one agrees to uphold our Designer Maker Charter and by working with Craft Design House you accept the Terms & Conditions.

Application Criteria

We take huge pride in showcasing outstanding work so to ensure we continue to offer goods of the highest quality, we ask that you meet the following criteria before applying to sell through our online Sales Showcase.

We’re no elite club nor design snobs. We set these standards simply so that our buyers can continue to access a rich seam of original products and our designer makers can showcase their work in the company of similarly accomplished peers.

Put simply, we work with craftspeople and designers who have mastered the necessary skills to create items based on traditional patterns or innovative, original designs and offer them for sale.

If you meet a minimum of 2 of the criteria below, please submit your application for review by our curator panel who will assess your technical and design skills, relevant training and the quality and finish of your products.

You have/your work has:

  • Received one or more public body or corporate commissions or 4+ private commissions.
  • Had 2+ public exhibitions and/or public installations, not including a degree show.
  • Received one or more prizes, awards or bursaries for professional practice.
  • Been engaged by contractual agreement in an artist’s placement scheme (e.g. a residency).
  • Been purchased for one or more public collections or 4+ private collections.
  • Been available for sale through 1+ commercial galleries or agents within the last 5 years.
  • Membership of one or more professional associations or societies.
  • Been reviewed or featured in an art journal, magazine or newspaper.

What if I don’t tick those boxes?

We want to source the best and support fresh talent – and we know one size doesn’t fit all. So if you do something special that doesn’t necessarily meet the above criteria but might be perfect for Craft Design House, please tell us!  If our panel agrees, we’ll feature your work.

Read our Designer Maker Terms & Conditions.