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Fosse Desk

Namon Gaston

From his apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker in rural Scotland to working with noted international furniture manufacturers, Namon has honed his craft and created The Fosse Desk, a contemporary choice to complement domestic working areas.

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Today everything is so slick, and perfect, and fast. People have lost touch with what it takes to make something. More and more we want to know how and where something was made, and that can be difficult to find. At Craft Design House we don’t mean this only ethically, that is vital, but we mean it even more intimately: we need to know about the person, design, inspiration and processes that created a piece.

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The virtues of taking it slow

"Christian Louboutin and the shoe fantasy made real."

Namon Gaston

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Made By. Created By. Designed By.
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